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The Electoral Headhunter provides a quick and accurate voting advice for the American presidential elections in 2012. And what's even better: you don't have to be interested in politics at all, or even know the candidates!

How it works: each round you choose between the heads that appeal to you the most. Don't think about who it should be, just trust your feeling and click. They are only shown for two seconds to ensure your judgement is solely based on intuition.

After ten rounds, the fastest voting advice application in the world analyses your politicial orientation and gives an election advice, based on the latest scientific insights in psychology. MORE INFORMATION


Get ready!

Backgrounds on the Electoral Headhunter

The Presidential Elections of 2012 are coming (November 6, 2012)

Voting is important, because the government and president are powerful actors, not only for America, but for the worldwide economy, let us say to some extent even for the future of the world. Your vote is tiny in the whole, but may be an essential one in this 'grand play'. So, obviously you will vote on 6 November 2012!

Which presidential candidate to vote for? Democratic, Republican, perhaps Libertarian or even one of those Constitutionalists or Greens?! If you look further, there will be even more parties.

Choice stress

There are many presidential candidates and one ends up with 'the paradox of freedom of choice', in other words: the stress of having to make a choice. Is this a bad thing? Not necessarily.

Modern insights in psychology point out there is no need to make careful judgements for arriving at 'your perfectly weighted choice'. On the contrary. WHAT? Yes: on the contrary.

Simple versus complex choices

For brief and relatively simple questions, let your brain do the work and it will get the job done. For more complex issues, it is better to 'sleep on it' (even literally) and not have your brain consciously labour. This can be found in the scientific work by e.g. professor of psychology Ap Dijksterhuis. For those interested, read about his fine book The Smart Unconscious, about which The Guardian stated: 'A suggestion for the next time you need to make a complicated decision: stop thinking.'

Specific findings on political issues

Hard cerebral work will decrease the quality of your choice. Related scientific findings show e.g. the following results:

Implications of these facts

These findings have some implications on the world we live in. Are we thinking carefully (and hence, perhaps arriving at 'wrong' choices, 'wrong' presidents in this case) or are we following our gut feeling (and making the 'best' choice)?

And why should we be at least 18 years old to be allowed to vote, if even 5-year-olds pick 'correct' votes too?

Perhaps not ponder too heavily on these questions but simply let go of them - and use the Electoral Headhunter to check if the predicted truth is close to the preference you thought you had. If not, you now know what to do: simply sleep on it one more night. :)

Backgrounds on politics in America

If you wish to know more about one or more political issues named in our voting advice, please consult these sources:

For more information about politics in the USA, you could read this article on Wikipedia.

About the Electoral Headhunter

Jens Bruinlier and Piethelm Vaantjes (Groningen, The Netherlands) developed a 'headhunter' voting advice application earlier, for several Dutch elections. It resembled the one on this site somewhat and was received with interest in The Netherlands, where it was named on national and local news sites, television, radio and in newspapers. It was listed between main other electoral compasses, as can be seen e.g. in this list of the national magazine Elsevier.

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